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Sharon Tucker

Government Sales


Phone: 503-282-7777 Ext. 162

Toll Free: 800-622-6670

Fax: 503-282-6016


Q: Can I have the vehicle delivered to my location or another destination?
A: Yes, please contact us with your requested destination for a quote as other charges may apply.


Q: Is my agency eligible to buy off the state contract?
A: You must be registered with the state of Oregon to purchase off the state contract. Please contact the state of Oregon. There are no requirements to belong to any organization to get a quote from Northside.


Q: Can I write a purchase order to cover both the truck and body?
A: In most cases, yes, but please contact us to work out the details.


Q: What are your terms for payment?
A: COD unless otherwise worked out in advance of the sale.


Q: I have an immediate need; can I purchase vehicles directly from your inventory?
A: Yes, although the state contract is priced as a factory order. Additional charges may apply if a vehicle is purchased from inventory.


Q: How long should I expect for delivery?
A: Typically Ford vehicles are built and delivered from 60-120 days ARO. Some vehicles require longer lead time. Please consult with your salesperson to confirm delivery requirements.


Q: Can I purchase additional warranty?
A: Yes, there are many options for additional warranty to cover everything from engine and transmission to regular maintenance.


Q: Do you offer used vehicles for purchase?
A: Yes, please let us know what you are looking for. Northside has a great used inventory of service department inspected vehicles.


Q: Who qualifies as a government buyer?
A: Please call us if you to verify eligibility.